Works in Progress

I had hoped this posting would be celebrating being chosen to participate in Artsplosure, the two-day arts festival in Raleigh. However, Thursday I received a rejection email from the Arsplosure board of judges. Saturday, as if to pour salt on the wound, I received the formal letter of rejection from Raleigh.
But this is OK. I am disappointed, but not deterred. I don't expect everyone will like what and how I paint. There are many more festivals and opportunities out there. The success I have had so far has been amazing -- almost unreal.
So, I will keep working. Above, I have a painting I've named "Red Birds at Tea." I plan to make a series of these, and will tweak this version. I like it a lot, though.
In the photo of my work area you can see another painting of several red birds on a line. This is such a simple painting, but there is some story left untold with the four little birds. One is looking down and away -- perhaps at a cat? Who knows.
Continuing my fondness for painting fruit, I have taken a swing at another apple. It's not finished, but I plan to call it, "Red Apple."
One of these paintings, or a similar one, will be auctioned off at a fund raiser for a church playground. Also, I'm donating a painting to be raffled at The Business Journal's Women in Business event. Both events take place on the same day and should bring lots of positive exposure. I am looking forward to each of them.

Seven Boats

When I began "Seven Boats," my plan was to give the boats a color that would make them 'pop' against the soft, nearly monochromatic background. In the end, however, I preferred to paint the boats a blue/grey that continued the color theme of the rest of the painting.
Once again, the big, big sky is what I'm focused on here.