The Evolution of Ability

I've had a few days off over the holidays. The time off has afforded me the chance to finish a couple of paintings and start a couple more. I don't have any shows right now, so the paintings I finish are basically taking up space. There are six or seven of my paintings hanging up around my house, but I started to wonder if I need to rotate in new works.

Part of this thought is because it might be nice to see something different hanging up, but more of it has to do with realizing my painting ability has come a long way in the years since I originally hung up some of those older paintings.

I'm willing to take more risks with my paintings and I'm less concerned when I make a mistake. I feel more confident in my ability to correct issues.

This is a good thing, I believe. I love my paintings, and I'm honored that people have loved my older paintings enough to want them in their homes. But I would be troubled and might even give up painting if I felt I'd reached the limits of my ability. Or that I was so satisfied with my work that I didn't feel the desire to push myself further.

Here's my latest two paintings. The top one is large. I call it "Telephone Lines." The second one is called "Sunny Side," and is in the running for my favorite painting I've done.

The top painting has sold.