Spring is Here. Really, it is

"In the spring I have counted one hundred and thirty-six different kinds of weather inside of four and twenty hours." -Mark Twain

Spring has officially arrived. So throw open the curtains, open the blinds. Have your coffee outside on the porch. Take a walk during lunch. Grill out. Refill your bird feeders, because there's bound to be birds nests being built to be home for newly laid eggs.

I'm doing my part with this group of bird paintings. Looks like these feathered friends are ready for warmer weather. However, see if you can spot the kitty that looks like she's ready to get a little closer to the birds.

Enjoy the birdies (before the cat does).

More New Paintings


   Shortly after this past Christmas, I bought myself a new easel. Having three easels has made a tremendous difference in my productivity. I'm now able to work on three -- sometimes four -- paintings at the same time. I'm wasting less paint and making greater use of the small amount of time I have to devote to painting.
   I actually finished up three paintings last night: a lighthouse, a bird painting and a grain elevator. The lighthouse is a totally new subject for me. I'm pleased with the results, but I hope I can improve on it and do others.
   I'm nearly finished with another red birds painting. I'm planning to do a couple more bird paintings and maybe a large boat painting before the end of the month. I may also try to knock out a large painting of a fruit.
   Thanks for looking.

Most of the time I'm using my cellphone to take the photos of my paintings. This doesn't always work out as well as I'd like. It's why I sometimes get shadows in the photos of my paintings. This happened on all three of the above photos. sorry.

The lighthouse painting and the grain elevator painting have sold.

The Buzz in Winston-Salem

So the end of March wasn't going to be a busy enough time for me. I was already slated to take part as an exhibiting artist for the Southern Ideal Home Show at the Greensboro Coliseum from March 28-30, when I received an email from someone who bought a painting from me in the Fall at ArtsFest. It was an invitation to be the first featured artist at the grand opening of a coffee and chocolate shop called Twin City Hive in downtown Winston-Salem. One of the owners, who also runs a Segway tours business, which will also locate at the venue, told me Twin City Hive will have a soft opening and a grand opening on March 28 and 29.

I believe I have enough artwork to split between the two exhibits. My concern is having enough time and energy to spend the day at the coliseum and then run over to Winston-Salem for the opening of the coffee/chocolate shop (can you think of a better combination?).

I don't know how long my artwork will be on display at the Twin City Hive. I don't really care. The photos I've seen of the renovation show what an impressive job the owners are doing to create a very modern, hip and attractive place to spend time. I'm sure if I lived closer I'd be a regular.

Here's a link to the Twin City Hive Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/twincityhive. ('like' it!) If you scroll down a bit you can find the mention of me. I'm sure they will be continuing to update the plan as the end of the month nears.

I'll post a reminder closer to the date. Maybe I'll see you!