"Boxcars Are Turning -- A Carnival of Sorts"

Tried something a little different with this painting. It's mostly finished. Maybe it's a little lonely looking -- an unremarkable line of boxcars being pulled along on a snow-covered gray day. But I find it relaxing. I can almost hear the slow, hypnotic, heartbeat-like clacking of the wheels on the track. No distractions.

As I have mentioned before in another post, I paint from photos I find and print from the internet. When I find something I like, my first step is to figure out if there is a way for me to simplify the image to basic shapes and colors. The original photo of this line of trains is much more complex -- a lot more detail in the train cars. 

One technique I use for this is to put the photo across the room. I'll look at it from different angles. I walk by it a few times. I saw the basic rectangular shapes and the flatness of the colors. Bingo, I have a start.

I don't know why the text here is reversed.

This painting has sold!