My first art show outside of Greensboro was, by nearly all means, a success. I was a little intimidated by the group of very talented -- and some well-established -- artists that were taking part in the Historic West End Arts Fest. However, I was well received and warmly greeted by many, many people strolling through the beautiful setting at Grace Court in Winston-Salem.

The weather was nearly perfect, albeit a little cold in the morning. My idea to create additional display space worked very well. As has almost always been the case, Kimberly's designer touch for setting up my booth was just what I needed.

I sold three paintings, which fell short of my expectations. Nevertheless, I met lots of very enthusiastic people. I enjoyed the varying comments and questions. I appreciated the attention from so many children. And I made a few contacts that I hope will blossom into other opportunities.

For now, though, I am exhausted. Next up is Art in the Arboretum on Sun., Oct. 6.

Getting my ducks in a row

The Historic West End Arts Fest is just days away and I have so much to do. I have been working early mornings and late nights to get everything complete and ready. With oils, you have to plan ahead so everything will be dry in time.
Also, I will have my largest collection of artwork to date on display. I've had to re-think my display and come up with a method that will (hopefully) work well. Honestly, I'm not sure I'll have enough room, so I may have to leave a few at home.
The photo above shows the 10 Literary Birds I finished this past weekend. I just have to add hooks. Along with these, I have several new barns, grain elevators (of course) and birds. Depending on whether I have room, I will work on a painting during the show.
Here is a link to the Arts Fest web site. Maybe I'll see you there.

All of the above works of art have sold.