Just Be ... and the Birds and a Boat

If you’ve ever been near the intersection of Elm and McGee streets in downtown Greensboro, and you’ve wondered where the bubbles are coming from, look no further than a store called Just Be. There you can find an inspiring collection of handmade jewelry, clothing and art. And now you can find my artwork there.
The owner of this unique store liked my work enough to add it to her inventory of local offerings. At the moment, I have only five pieces there, including three Literary Birds, a small bird painting and a Literary Boat (something new), but I plan to continue to provide more paintings, depending on how well they sell.
I’m thrilled with the opportunity to be at Just Be. The owner and manager say they’re planning to roll out a web page soon, with artist bio pages. The downtown location is ideal, and I’m certain my paintings will get lots of exposure, particularly with the monthly First Friday events.
So now, when you’re downtown, follow the bubbles and you’ll find some birds ... and a boat.

   Thanks for looking, and please feel free to comment.

Waterside Retreat

My latest painting is called "Waterside." I don't know if  the photo does it justice, but the brush strokes for the sky give a texture that suggests a light breeze over the water and up the hill. The small building is nestled on a grassy field. This would be a great place to spend a weekend, week or a summer.

Just bring some books and fishing poles. There's probably no WiFi.

Thank you for looking and please feel free to comment.

This painting has sold.

New Birds

Here is my latest completed painting. The background is kind of a creamy color, the birds are a yellow/green and the branches are a dark taupe. The woman who commissioned it is planning to hang it in her living room above her mantle. The painting looks outstanding in her new home, which is very minimalist and painted with light neutrals. I'm hoping to get a picture of the painting in its final spot, once she decides whether to hang it or leave it resting on the mantle.

The process for this was a little different than my other bird paintings I've done in that the woman who bought the painting wanted specific colors. I met with her and she showed me the colors for her walls, sofa and pillows. I was able to mix the colors (mostly) to what she wanted and got her approval to proceed with the painting.

Susan seems very pleased with her painting, and it looks amazing in her home. I like the way the painting turned out: very modern, peaceful and cool.