New Birds

Here is my latest completed painting. The background is kind of a creamy color, the birds are a yellow/green and the branches are a dark taupe. The woman who commissioned it is planning to hang it in her living room above her mantle. The painting looks outstanding in her new home, which is very minimalist and painted with light neutrals. I'm hoping to get a picture of the painting in its final spot, once she decides whether to hang it or leave it resting on the mantle.

The process for this was a little different than my other bird paintings I've done in that the woman who bought the painting wanted specific colors. I met with her and she showed me the colors for her walls, sofa and pillows. I was able to mix the colors (mostly) to what she wanted and got her approval to proceed with the painting.

Susan seems very pleased with her painting, and it looks amazing in her home. I like the way the painting turned out: very modern, peaceful and cool.


Anonymous said...

Looks great--AZ and Theresa

tatestreet said...

Thank you, AZ and Theresa. I appreciate the comment.

Randy Futty said...

Love the painting. Is it for sale? Please email me at


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