Anchor's aweigh!

This painting is one of six I've done in the past month and a half. Two were for an auction and a raffle. The other four, including this one I call "Eight Boats," are for upcoming events. The first is a Backyard Art Party, at a neighbor's house. The second is a larger event called the "Parisian Promenade," which takes place in June.

I have 11 paintings ready for the Backyard Art Party. Depending on how that goes, I may be pressed to have as many works ready for the Parisian Promenade. Either way, I've been enjoying placing more emphasis on painting. And I'm looking forward to seeing how things go at these events.
I have purchased a "Square," which is a credit card reader that can plug into a phone or iPad, and works with a free app. Also, if things go well, I may consider moving out of my dining room and into a small -- hopefully cheap -- studio.
I like to paint at home, but I do make a mess. And take up a lot of room.

This painting has sold.