You Got Yer Cherry Bomb

We were snowed/sleeted in this past weekend. It was just the opportunity I needed to get a few paintings rolling. I finished this small painting of three cherries. I have sketched out four or five more, including these three. Not shown are sketches of a lighthouse in Maine and a group of apples.

I cannot wait to get these going. Check back soon. There will be more to come. Until then, though, enjoy the cherries.

Coming Out of Hiding

It has been a long, long time since I've posted anything here. It has been equally long since I've even painted. The last nine months have been busy for many of the wrong reasons. But much of that is behind me.

So, now I can paint. This one will be finished soon. I have several others underway. And I have ideas for more. I'm hoping this will be a very productive winter/spring.

It's good to be back. Stay tuned....