“One only understands the things that one tames”

The title of this blog entry is a quote from "The Little Prince." It is said by the fox from this book. I have veered slightly from painting birds to painting a fox. He is a simple fox, hiding behind some trees. I like the shape of his head; his bright red coat and paintbrush tail. I have a feeling that he and my birds will become companions and show up in many paintings, in many other settings.

"A Fox in the Woods" is 12"X12" oil on canvas. $85. (This painting has sold! Thank you.)

Thanks for looking!

A Pear with Flair


   While I love to paint birds, barns, boats and grain elevators, sometimes I just want to paint fruit. We received a Christmas gift from my sister that contained pears. I took some photos of them and this is one of  the pears.
   I really like the background color. It helps the pear stand out.
   I have several projects that I'm just getting rolling on. Some of them will be quite different in terms of subjects. I have a painting that I'm working on that will have birds and a fox. It was suggested that I try painting a pomegranate, so I think I'll do that. And I'm going to return to painting boats. It has been a long time.
   For now, though, I hope you enjoy Yellow Pear. It is oil on 12"X12" canvas, and available for $75.

   Thanks for looking!

This painting has sold!

Blue Yonder

I don't always know how my colors are going to turn out. Ok, I almost never know exactly how my colors are going to turn out. When I began this painting I only knew I wanted the sky to be a certain shade of blue. I mixed a plate of paints and came up with a color I liked, but not as a sky. So, instead of continuing to mix the color until I achieved the desired shade, I set it aside and started over. I would later use the original color to paint the building. I like the unevenness, as it makes the building look weathered.
This painting is 16"X12", and can be purchased upon request.  $90 (plus shipping, if necessary).