Cherries Jubilee

Well, I believe I have the makings of a fruit salad. I just finished this little (6"X6") painting of three cherries. In fact, it's called "Three Cherries."This was one of the quickest paintings I've ever done. The hardest part was mixing a color that was deep and rich enough to resemble the model cherries. I'm pretty pleased with the result.

I'm going into a very busy time. It's funny how things come in waves. I'll be taking part in the Southern Ideal Home Show in late March, as I was asked by someone who bought one of my paintings at ArtsFest in Winston-Salem, if I would be interested in having my paintings on display at the grand opening of his coffee/chocolate shop.

I've very excited about each of these.

"Three Cherries" has sold! Thank you!

Winter Break

   Our usually snow-less winter was interrupted by, of all things, snow. It's funny how a population of people that hasn't felt any real effects from snow can be thrown into such misery by the first real snowstorm to hit this area in a decade. It has been beautiful to look at. It was nice to have the pace of life slowed to a crawl.
   But I'm ready for warmer weather. If you feel the same, maybe these sailboats will help tide you over until the sun is warming our backs on a more consistent basis. I call this one "Summer Sails." That water is not ice-cold. It's warm, like bath water. The sand is hot enough to need flip flops. The breeze filling those sails is cool and refreshing.

This painting has sold. Thanks Twin City Hive for promoting my artwork!

The Best Pomegranate I've Ever Painted

This is the best pomegranate I've ever painted. It is the only one, but I'm really happy with it. I'm particularly pleased with the texture of the skin of the fruit. I'm nearly finished with a painting of cherries. Once I finish that one, I'll be able to have a produce section when I display my paintings.

This is a 10"X10" painting. Let me know if you're interested.

Thanks for looking!