Symphony in Yellow

Call me a feather-brain, but lately I've been painting lots of birds. I have just finished two paintings featuring my winged friends -- one to be raffled at The Business Journal's Women In Business Awards luncheon, and the other to be offered for sale at the same event.
   "Good morning, Red Birds" is similar to others I have done, while "Yellow Birds on Blue"is a step in a different direction, not only in the color of the birds, but also the direction of the branches. I really like the blue I mixed for the second painting, and would like to use it again in other works.
    As I have mentioned before, my Etsy site is back up and running. In fact, I had a couple of paintings displayed at an art show at the Radnor Hunt Club near Malvern, Pa. (west of Philadelphia). Someone there liked my work enough to go onto my Etsy site and purchase five of my smaller paintings. I emailed the woman who bought them to ask what it was about my paintings that attracted her. She said, "I like artwork that speaks to me and makes me smile." Mission accomplished!
   Here is the address for my Etsy page:
   One other thing: I will once again be participating in Greensboro Beautiful's Parisian Promenade at Bicentennial Park on Sunday, June 2nd. There will be music, food, dancing and, of course, artwork. Please stop by and say "bonjour."

   Thanks for looking!

The top painting has sold.

Keep Your Feathers Crossed

My mother, who lives in a small town west of Philadelphia, called me a week ago. She was excited to tell me that she had shown someone photos of several of my paintings, and this person was the director of an art show at the Radnor Hunt Club in Radnor, Pa. The woman liked my paintings enough to want to know if I was interested in exhibiting them at their show. I won't be able to make the trip, and it's much too expensive to send paintings by mail. However, my mother and one of my sisters -- who also lives near Radnor -- will contribute to the art show the two paintings I had done for them.
I'm very excited to be getting exposure in Andrew Wyeth country.
Along with having two paintings at the Radnor show, I also will have a portfolio of my work, including commissioned pieces and paintings still available for purchase.

Closer to home, later this month I'll be making my now-annual contribution to The Business Journal's Women in Business Awards. One of my paintings will be raffled at the luncheon. As a bonus, The Business Journal is giving me a booth to display other paintings during the pre-lunch business expo. They are expecting 350 people, so I'm looking forward to a great opportunity.

Also, I have re-opened my Etsy store. You can go here to pay it a visit:

Many of the paintings on this blog are available for purchase. If you are interested, please comment or email me to discuss pricing. Also, I will work on commission. Here is my email:

 Thanks for visiting!

Both of these paintings have sold.