The Buzz in Winston-Salem

So the end of March wasn't going to be a busy enough time for me. I was already slated to take part as an exhibiting artist for the Southern Ideal Home Show at the Greensboro Coliseum from March 28-30, when I received an email from someone who bought a painting from me in the Fall at ArtsFest. It was an invitation to be the first featured artist at the grand opening of a coffee and chocolate shop called Twin City Hive in downtown Winston-Salem. One of the owners, who also runs a Segway tours business, which will also locate at the venue, told me Twin City Hive will have a soft opening and a grand opening on March 28 and 29.

I believe I have enough artwork to split between the two exhibits. My concern is having enough time and energy to spend the day at the coliseum and then run over to Winston-Salem for the opening of the coffee/chocolate shop (can you think of a better combination?).

I don't know how long my artwork will be on display at the Twin City Hive. I don't really care. The photos I've seen of the renovation show what an impressive job the owners are doing to create a very modern, hip and attractive place to spend time. I'm sure if I lived closer I'd be a regular.

Here's a link to the Twin City Hive Facebook page: ('like' it!) If you scroll down a bit you can find the mention of me. I'm sure they will be continuing to update the plan as the end of the month nears.

I'll post a reminder closer to the date. Maybe I'll see you!


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