A little birdie told me

Just a bit of news for anyone who might care: Where I work -- The Business Journal -- is having a major event that awards the area's top women in business. It's called, "Women in Business Awards." The marketing for this year's award presentation involves a design with birds. I was asked if I would contribute a painting to be raffled.
I'm jumping at the opportunity. In fact, in hopes of making a really big impression, I'm contributing one of my bird paintings, like the one in the About the Bird post below. More than 300 people will see my paintings. Maybe someone will like them enough to commission me to do more.
This will take place in late April.

On another front, thanks to the marketing efforts of my wife, the owner of a shabby-chic accessories/antiques store wants to sell my paintings. "Birds are in demand," she says. "Please bring them to my store!"
We'll see how this goes.


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