Fruits of My Labor

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I need to get busy with painting for an upcoming art show. I was picked by a group of judges associated with the local beautification committee to take part in an arts and crafts show. "Art in the Arboretum" is an annual event where local artists can show off their talents and work to each other and the public (art can also be bought at the event). The show is attended by hundreds of people throughout the Triad. And if I remember correctly, there is a bit of judging that takes place during the event, with cash prizes awarded to the top three artists. I truly am honored to have been picked to participate in this show. It takes place on Oct. 2, from 12-5 pm. Tell your friends and come on out.

On the more stressful side of things, I really have to get to work coming up with paintings. At the moment, I only have about 10 - 12 completed paintings to show for. That's where these pears come in: I was able to do this painting in a day. It's a small painting -- 8"X8" -- and I like it. I might do another with only one pear.
I am also working on another bird painting, but with a bit of a twist. I hope to have two or three of those in time for the show. In all, I'd like to have as many as 20 pieces of art to show at the Art in the Arboretum.


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Love this!

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