Merci Beaucoup!

The Parisian Promenade was tremendously fun. I met so many people and made many acquaintances. My booth location was great, despite the slope. A creek ran behind me, so I was able to watch ducks, ducklings, chipmunks and children run over rocks and through the water.
I received nothing but very, very positive comments and feedback about my paintings. It really makes me feel good to hear people stop and say, "Oh. Wow. Look at these." I felt even better when I would hear people say things like, "This is what I need. This kind of simplicity and serenity," when they look at my paintings of barns and windmills. Over and over I heard, "I love this simplicity. It's wide open and uncluttered."

THAT's what I want. That's what I get from my paintings.

A very special 'Thank you' goes to my paitent and supportive wife for being with me the whole day, and running around (going home to get the things I forgot) and helping set up. I struggled with Art in the Arboretum when I had to do the set up by myself. This time was much easier and enjoyable.

I gave out all of my business cards. I have a nice list of emails to create an email 'blast.' And I made a contact with the owner of a restaurant about putting up my paintings at his location.

I made one sale, which, while not as many as I would have liked, was very rewarding. This woman was impressed with the colors, brush strokes and simplicity of the subjects. She purchased "Eight Boats," which is pictured in the blog entry below.

There were lots of children that visited me. Several stopped in to watch as I painted. They asked smart questions. One asked for my autograph. One girl told me her favorite type of art was painting with dots. I told her about Georges Seurat and how if you look closely at his paintings you will see the dots.

I have no other events scheduled until the Fall. I hope to get in on a "First Friday" in downtown Greensboro. Also, I'll be working on a commissioned paintings over the next couple of weeks.


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