Field of Dreams


   I love movies that take place in wide-open spaces. Movies like "Dances With Wolves" and "There Will Be Blood" put such emphasis on the land and the sky that what happens in between is a subplot. It is to me, anyway.
   This painting, which I'm calling "Wide Open," expresses the joy I feel when I see this type of landscape -- in a movie or in person. The field of wheat clearly assumes the role of main character, with the sky offering a strong co-star. The windmill and barn are cameo appearances by a couple of past-their-prime actors, offered one last role before retiring.
   It would be a wonderful place to retire, or just get away. The noise of cities and development quietly sssshhhh'd by the wind in the wheat fields.
   This is a very large painting -- the biggest single-canvas painting I've done. It's 36"X48".

   I'm going to begin attaching a tagline to the bottom of my blog postings. Basically, it will say that many of the paintings on this blog are available for purchase. If you are interested, please comment or email me to discuss pricing. Also, I will work on commission. Here is my email:

   Thank you for looking.


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