Flower Power

   I'm taking a step away from the usual posting involving a painting to tell you about the next event I'll be at with my wife. We'll be in downtown Greensboro taking part in the Fun Fourth festivities. Kimberly and I will have a double space to showcase her crafts and my paintings.
   Among the coolest things Kimberly makes are these flowers made from recycled metal items. Each of the flowers in the photo were made from old cookie tins, cabinet knobs and miscellaneous other items. The 'stems' are made from wood. Needless to say they will brighten up even the most bountiful garden.
   The weather is calling from periods of rain, so even though these flowers don't need watering, they may wind up pretty wet.
   We won't know where our booth will be until the day of the event, so we can't help you there. Most of the crafts will be in the area of the Cultural Arts Center and the Historical Museum.
   Come on down and say 'hi.'


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