Sails for Sale

I sometimes tell people that my paintings are like my children. I love each one of them. I love to see them; I'm proud and enjoy seeing them. I get a little sad when one of them leaves.

However, also like my children, I  get a little tired of seeing them hanging around my house. So I'm ready to move them on. One June 1, I'll be taking part in the Parisian Promenade. The show is from  noon to 5:00. There will be games, music, food, a dog parade and, of course, art. And my artwork will be there at reduced prices.

I think my paintings are reasonably priced, but, lets face it, artwork is not usually a priority expense. So I'm going to lower the prices on most of my artwork, some of it quite a bit. Now, the smaller paintings will not be marked down as much, as there's a point where I'm actually losing money. Also, if you're interested in commissioning a painting, it will be for an agreed upon price based around my usual pricing methods (there is always room for negotiation, though).

I'm not going to stop painting. I will have new artwork at the show (including the painting above, called "Sails"). And I don't plan on changing my style. I just want new paintings to look at.

I hope you can come to Parisian Promenade. It's usually a great time for the whole family.

This painting has sold.


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