The Art of Suggestion, Part 2

   Have you ever gone out on a summer day where it was so hot that it seemed like the heat melted all of the color out of the sky, leaving just a white sheet of nothingness?
     That is the kind of day these sailboats are spending on the water in this painting I call "Noon Sails." The luke-warm water reflects the colorless sky to where -- were it not for the gradual rise of distant mountains -- one wouldn't know where the the water stops and the sky starts.
     I decided, again, to merely suggest the shape of the sails by having them cut their shapes into the horizon. One one hand, you can see the sails. On the other hand, you could see triangular pieces missing from the mountains.
     I see the sails. On a blisteringly hot day.
     I've enjoyed exploring this style of painting. I probably will not continue with it, but now and then it's nice to push myself in another direction.
     I hope you enjoy!


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