The Little Engine that Might as Well

I think I've done all that I'm going to do with this painting of a train boxcar. I started it several months ago, at a show. As we were leaving that show, the painting blew over and landed paint-side-down in the parking lot. I had to wait for it to dry so I could brush away all of the sand, dirt and small pebbles that had stuck to it.

My interest in this particular painting has ebbed and flowed, but I'm now ready to call it finished and set it aside once and for all.

I have several paintings I'm gearing up for, including three for an upcoming show. I'm very excited and honored to have been invited to participate in the Green Hill Center's annual Winter Show. It will open the first week in December. 120 artists with ties to North Carolina take part in what I believe is the largest show of its kind in the state. The Green Hill Center's director saw my paintings at Scuppernong's Books and sought me out to invite me. I'll have four paintings in the exhibit. I'll post my paintings as I get them finished.

This painting has sold!


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