Keeping Busy

Here are a few new paintings I have either recently finished or started. The one called 'Mountainside Barn' is large. It's 30"X 40". The blue sky might be the most vivid blue I've ever used. Right now, it's hanging in my livingroom.

The small boat painting is one I did while I was doing a painting demonstration at Just Be, during the First Friday. It's not often I can nearly finish a painting in one sitting, but since I was getting an opportunity to paint for three solid hours, I was able to get a lot done. This one is 12"X14".

I am nearly finished with another landscape of sorts. I'm painting a picture of a grain elevator. These  types of buildings -- barns, windmills, grain elevators and old farm houses -- have become my favorites. There's an escape quality to the image of a wide-open field and sky protecting these utilitarian buildings.

I hope you enjoy looking at them. Please feel free to comment.


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