The presidential election is finally over. Regardless of who you wanted to win election, we all are now free from the 24/7 barrage of campaign ads on TV, radio and the Internet. Gone are the loud and mostly ignorant cable news talking heads. No more polls. Late-night talk shows have moved on to other subjects.
It's like the road construction project that employed a jack hammer everyday outside your window, has finally finished its work and moved on.

Or, it's like you're driving away from the constant noise and filth of a major metropolitan: The horns are growing softer; traffic is thinning; you can roll down your window and breathe.

Suddenly, nothing is around. Just you, the ground, the sky .... and a grain elevator.

I found a photo of an abandoned grain elevator and it seemed like the best place to be, given all of the noise and chaos going on at the time. In much the same way that a beach house can deliver much-needed relaxation and a battery recharge, this motionless and nearly forgotten building delivers a thorough calmness.

It does for me, anyway. Hope you enjoy. Please feel free to comment.

On a side note, I'm hoping to create a Facebook page dedicated to my artwork. The one I use right now is piggy-backed on my wife's Facebook account.

Thanks for looking.

This painting has sold.


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