Blueberry Thrill

It's been a long time since I have painted fruit -- or any food, for that matter. On a recent trip to the grocery store, I looked at pears and apples, but decided on something new.

Blueberries are expensive, but so delicious. And, as I took a much closer look at the tiny fruit, quite beautiful. The soft and unmistakable blue, mixed with just a pinch of purple and green. Why not paint one? Two? I'll stop at three, for now.

I really like the way this has turned out. While I admit it's not quite the blue I was hoping to achieve, I do still like the overall result of my efforts.

On a side note, I will again be donating a painting to be raffled at The Business Journal's annual Women in Business Awards luncheon. This will be the third time I have donated a painting, which has always been well-received. I look forward to this every year.

Thanks for looking and please feel free to comment.

(I got a bit of a 'bounce' flash off the canvas. The middle blueberry really isn't that light. It looks much more like the one on the right.)

This painting has sold.


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