House of the Holy


   In the South you can't swing a cat without hitting a church. And the architecture pretty well runs the gamut. Two blocks from my house is a church in a small building that was once used by a beauty salon. A nearby strip mall has a church in a space that once was a furniture store. Go a few more blocks and you'll find a church that is one of the largest, most castle-like buildings in town.
   My preference -- as the architecture goes -- is of the smaller, more modest churches of the South, with  their white clapboard structures and tin roofs. Even with arched stain-glass windows, these buildings have a simple elegance.
   As for this painting, I often begin my work by under-painting the canvas -- often with a burnt umber (deep brown). Then I'll work out the sky and the land colors. This time, though, after I finished the sky I was happy with how the sky color worked with the burnt umber under coat. So, I left it.
  This painting is very nearly finished. Just a few touch ups and straightening of lines left.
   I hope you enjoy it. Please feel free to comment, if you would like.


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