To Build A House

I have a couple of neighbors who run a photography business. They are delightful people and have always been generous in offering their services to take photos of several of my paintings, free of charge.

Each time they finished taking photos of my work I ask them, "Can I paint something for you to pay you back?" Each time they would say, "We'll let you know if we think of something."

Finally, after taking a batch of photos of three of my paintings, my neighbor photographers messaged me and asked if I would paint a picture of their house.

"We'd love to see our house in your style," they said. I accepted the challenge.

I began by taking photos of their wonderful and large historic home. I began working on the painting, but shortly after that, I stopped. I just wasn't feeling it with this painting.

A month or so later, I flipped back through the photos I had taken of the VanderVeen House and found an angle I liked better than the one I had started. I was encouraged by the progress and became excited about the painting.

I finally finished the VanderVeen House painting and delivered it to the new owners. As a bonus, it was their wedding anniversary. I was thrilled this painting mad them so happy.

Also, it helped me attract a couple more possibilities for sales.


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