Healing Arts

The photo above is from the grand opening of the Moses Cone Cancer Center for which I was asked to contribute a painting. The triptych, "Always Watching Over," was placed on the main level, next to an elevator that is used to take patients to the basement or second level for treatments.
I was told by several staff members that the area picked for my painting is one of the most visible areas, and that every patient and employee will see it.
I was also told that my painting is already a favorite of many people on staff at the cancer center, and that seeing it brightens their day.
I was on hand at the event for nearly four hours, talking with visitors. It was a proud moment and I appreciate the visit from Kimberly, Josh, Tate, Grant and Brenda. And from my boss, Doug.
I was able to talk with several other artists and saw some really impressive work, particularly the butterfly sculpture on the roof of the facility. Amazing work.


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Wow!You're all grown up!

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