The Winter of My Content

Here is a new painting I'm calling "Red Birds on White." I guess I could call it "Red Birds in Winter," so maybe this painting will have two names. As much as I like the colors I usually use, I can appreciate how the use of white emphasizes negative space. It has a very modern look to it -- like something you might see in a high-end contemporary apartment.

I've been somewhat busy lately, trying to pull together an inventory of work. I sent an application to be considered for Artsplosure, an annual two-day arts event in downtown Raleigh in late May. I won't know whether I'm accepted until late February. But I have very little time to waste. Since it's a two-day event I want to make certain I have plenty of artwork on hand (including "Red Birds on White/in Winter"), just in case I do really well.

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This painting has sold.


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