Late Bloomer

A co-worker of mine approached me in August about doing a painting for her. "Flowers!" she said. "Bold, colorful flowers."
I thought flowers wouldn't be difficult: I've done boats, birds, a port, apples and pears. How hard could it be to paint flowers? I was so naive.
While I did have an art show and a project or two for fundraisers sprinkled in, it took me almost five months to finish this flower painting. I brought it to my co-worker and she loves it. In fact, everyone who saw it said it said I did a great job and that the flowers (I chose hydrangeas) were realistic and all of the colors were vivid and bold.
In the end, I really like it. I'm proud of how it turned out. I battled this painting and stopped working on it several times to keep myself from tossing the canvas onto the street. In the end, a simple suggestion from Kimberly saved this painting: add a vase.
I painted the vase, or pot, and eliminated a few of the low-hanging blooms. Suddenly the painting had an anchor and an object to redirect the eye from the overpowering mound of blooms.
I added texture, highlights and shadows to the vase to give it a rounded look. I was proud to put my name on it.


Anonymous said...

Love the colors in this painting. Hydrangea is my favorite plant, so this may be my favorite painting of yours. It would be a close call between this and the port. I am very impressed with your "late blooming" talent.

Kathleen McClintock said...

I knew you were talented, but this is wonderful.

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